School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) strategic plan is the culmination of a departmental effort to establish the priorities for our students, faculty, and staff, and chart an aspirational and executable direction for the next several years. The plan is ambitious and based on key drivers and trends in our field and an understanding of ECE’s unique mission and vision within Cornell. ECE has developed a carefully considered roadmap that will guide the future direction of research in the School while reinforcing its culture of innovation, inclusion and educational excellence.

Cornell ECE Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) student Michael Lyons (photo by Robert Barker, Cornell University)

Based on an analysis of internal and external factors the school has identified priorities in research, education and culture as the key drivers of its strategic plan. The plan calls for investments in people, programs, and facilities in three core research areas (robotics, quantum, and AI/ML/Data). The school will continue to evolve its curriculum in tandem with these efforts, to reflect rising interest in data science and computing and the need for investments laboratories that enable hands-on instruction.

Bruce Land, senior research associate in electrical and computer engineering (ECE), in the laboratory with students
(photo by Lindsay France, Cornell University)

ECE is committed to leading the field in diversity and inclusion in both student recruitment and faculty hiring and retention. Building stronger connections to Cornell Tech and peer departments throughout the College of Engineering and across Cornell University are high priorities as reflected in the sections below.

Strategic Priorities

  • Strategic Priority 1

  • Strategic Priority 2

  • Strategic Priority 3

  • Strategic Priority 4

  • Strategic Priority 5

  • Strategic Priority 6

  • Strategic Priority 7

Duffield Hall in the snow with

Photo by Kevin Stearns, Cornell University.