Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) is to provide preeminent world leadership in our field through innovative research programs, educational activities, and entrepreneurial endeavors. We support a vibrant and diverse community of materials scientists and engineers developing fundamental understanding and enabling advanced technologies with societal impact, ranging from sustainability and the food-water-energy nexus to health and medicine to security, communications, and infrastructure. Born during the Sputnik era, Cornell MSE is one of the nation’s earliest and most successful materials-focused departments, and it has continued to grow and evolve as a national leader in new curricular and research activities in the field. MSE faculty were instrumental in the creation of three cornerstones of materials research at Cornell (CCMR, CNF, and CHESS) and we continue to drive materials efforts across campus.

Hiroaki Sai, postdoctoral associate in materials science and engineering, in the lab. (photo by Robert Barker, Cornell University)

We have identified three integrated strategic priorities, which leverage our existing strengths and include bold new ideas. These priorities will steer faculty hiring, infrastructure projects, curriculum development, diversity and inclusion programs, and industrial engagement strategies. When coupled with our core competencies, these priorities form a blueprint for returning our department to the top five MSE departments in the country within the next ten years.

  • Strategic Priority 1

  • Strategic Priority 2

  • Strategic Priority 3

Duffield Hall in the snow with

Photo by Kevin Stearns, Cornell University.