Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Cornell Engineering is the largest and most prestigious engineering program in the Ivy League. The college is widely recognized for its rigor, commitment to excellence in education and research, and its longstanding legacy of educating students who go on to become leaders. Cornell Engineering envisions a future in which its student body and faculty reflect the gender, socioeconomic, and racial diversity of society. We endeavor to be a collaborative community of scholars and innovators who leverage the intellectual diversity of Cornell University to push the frontiers of knowledge and to address humanity’s grand challenges. Our graduates will be recognized and valued for their commitment to excellence, enthusiasm for learning, integrity, ethical behavior, and ability to work and thrive in diverse teams.

Our Mission

Cornell Engineering is a highly collaborative and dynamic intellectual community known for maintaining all-around excellence in educating students, pursuing groundbreaking research, and nucleating technological innovations that impact people, communities, and the world. In this context, the college’s mission is to:

  • Provide students with a broad and exceptional education that prepares them to excel in traditional and non-traditional aspects of engineering
  • Develop creative leaders and citizens capable of thriving in an increasingly complex world
  • Lead responsively and creatively in the discovery of new knowledge and in moving our most innovative ideas from laboratory to practice
  • Create a better future for all people by harnessing Cornell’s vast intellectual and human resources to contribute solutions to the world’s most complex problems.

Our Core Values

Cornell Engineering is committed to developing an inclusive, collaborative community that values creativity, integrity and diversity, and leverages excellence in research, education, and technological innovation to address the most difficult problems that impact people, society and the world. These commitments shape our culture and create a sense of purpose and commitment for our staff, faculty, and students.

  • We approach our work with rigor and discipline producing high-quality, distinctive results, exhibiting the highest ethical standards.
  • We support and engage in research, education and outreach, accomplished with integrity, mindful of sustainability, and in service of the greater good.
  • We create an environment for our students, staff, and faculty in which responsible risk taking and agility is respected.
  • We promote and reward respectful partnerships, teamwork, and diverse contributions as fundamental to solving the world’s big engineering challenges.
  • We foster and sustain a diverse and engaged, caring community in which all members feel like they belong, we communicate across difference with respect, and we support personal and professional growth and development.
Duffield Hall in the snow with

Photo by Kevin Stearns, Cornell University.