M.Eng. Initiatives

Expand M.Eng. programming

We will offer more opportunities for specialization and greater flexibility for residential, hybrid, and remote learning experiences. We will also pilot, test, and build stackable certificate and degree programs that maintain Cornell’s rigor but provide flexibility in how, where, and over what time periods students are able to complete requirements for M.Eng. degrees. We will create a vibrant professional internship program that becomes a hallmark of the M.Eng. experience, and we will develop pipelines with large minority-serving undergraduate engineering schools that encourage diverse students to pursue professional engineering degrees either as terminal degrees or as a stepping stone for advanced graduate studies.

Build robust distance-learning models

In a push to provide high-quality engineering education through a variety of degree and non-degree coursework, we will launch a library of remote learning experiences, including modules and stackable certificates that individualize a student’s path towards the M.Eng. degree. By building these programs with attention to rigor and market needs, we will provide flexibility for Cornell undergraduates interested in either completing the M.Eng. degree or overlaying certifications with an undergraduate degree in areas that add value to their experience. Our efforts will also focus on attracting corporate clients and building strategic education partnerships with industry in order to meet the continuing education needs of the professional workforce.

Increase institutional support for long-term success

We will amplify the online presence of M.Eng. programs to help prospective students and industry clients navigate a suite of attractive options for learning and partnership; increase the number of M.Eng. scholarships to expand access to students from disadvantaged backgrounds; triple the number of core staff supporting M.Eng. programming to provide more customized support to a growing audience; and expand marketing and communication efforts to attract and retain students.”

M.Eng. Initiatives Whitepaper
Duffield Hall in the snow with

Photo by Jason Koski, Cornell University.